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Vacuum Flatwork

Machine Park

The productive heart of PMP is made up of high-precision CNC machining centers and lathes, fully automated to quickly meet customer requests and needs. In support of the technological machinery, traditional machine tools are used for special orders such as non-standard production work or limited quantities of pieces.
Torni CNC
Work Centers CNC
Cutting Machines
Traditional Machines


Turning - Milling - Machining Welded Composites

We internally manage all traditional CNC processes, using state-of-the-art machinery to achieve maximum precision. In round processing, we are capable of working with sizes ranging from 6mm to over 500mm. In addition to traditional processes (milling, drilling, turning, cutting), we perform bar machining, molded part machining, thermal or surface treatments, and machine recovery. For over 30 years, we have been supplying high-quality machined parts to important companies in the automotive, agricultural, and hydraulic sectors.

Heat and Surface Treatments

Thanks to collaboration with carefully selected suppliers, we satisfy customers who require special treatments on parts (surface thermal treatments). This enables us to offer a quality finished product, providing the advantage for our customers of dealing with only one partner.

Hardening – Tempering – Standardising – Cementation

Painting – Burnishing – Galvanising – Phosphating – Anodizing



Flat Materials Processing

We work with low-thickness flat materials on vacuum tables. Even in this type of processing, our strength lies in being able to provide our customers with a finished product according to their specific needs. Regarding milling of flat materials, we can work with lengths of up to 3 meters. Whether it’s traditional machining, surface treatments, or heat treatments, even in the case of flat materials, we can create a custom-tailored product.

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